education in the outdoors

The Natural Education

stepping stones to reaching childrens' full potential

Activities that children enjoy at Forest School follow the 'stepping stones' to achieving Early Learning goals within the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Colour Collecting

  • Show curiosity
  • Respond to simple instructions
  • Count reliably up to 10
  • Examine objects and living things to find out more about them
  • Move with pleasure and confidence
  • Begin to differentiate between colours
Little girl with leaves

Log Dragging

  • Persist for extended periods of time
  • Use words and gestures such as body language to communicate
  • Use mathematical language during play
  • Notice and comment on patterns
  • Experiment with ways of moving
  • Begin to describe the texture of things
Log Dragging

Measure a tree

  • Display high levels of involvement
  • Ask simple questions
  • Recognise numerals 1-9
  • Begin to try to use tools safely
  • Move with control and co-ordination
  • Begin to describe the texture of things
Measuring a tree with hands

Building a shelter

  • Show confidence when linking up with others
  • Interact with others, negotiating plans, communicating next steps
  • Use mathematical ideas to problem solve
  • Realise tools can be used for a purpose
  • Judge space in relation to space available
  • Make a three dimensional structure
twig shelter

Cooking on a fire (Health and Safety allowing)

  • Have a positive approach to a new experience
  • Build up vocabulary because of new experiences
  • Begin to learn addition and subtraction when combining two objects
  • Show an awareness of change
  • Move safely with confidence and imagination
  • Talk about personal intentions and what they are trying to achieve
Cooking on a Fire